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GIFT Nº12 - Roses David Austin

GIFT Nº12 - Roses David Austin

12 David Austin English Roses


When the sound of dawn awakens life in flowers 
The diffused perfume spreads its color
For each moment, a petal 
And the walker's steps plant the promise of pacts in his path
Eternal witnesses of the breeze of the seasons, 
Each flower brings melodies in its drop heart. 
And the expected time comes, 
Without thought, shameless, it opens to the world, sacred halo.
Rose, I love you Rose! 


English roses David Austin was developed by him from the 50's onwards from classic English roses creating new fragrances.

In this case we have rosesKeira with  almond aromas,Marzipan, and vanilla.


It's irresistible.


(Only available on a weekday order.)

GIFT includes glass.

Diameter 21 centimeters.


We already deliver to:

Lisbon, Amadora and Odivelas: €6.50

Oeiras: €11.50

Blondes: €14.50

Cascais: €16.50

Sintra: €17.50

V. Franca de Xira: €18.50


On the south bank at:

Soul: €11.50

Barreiro: €15.50

Seixal: €16.50

Sesimbra: €18.50

Bush: €19.50

Saddlebag: €20.50

Setúbal: €26.50

Palmela: €26.50

Montijo: €31.50

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    Rosas David Austin
    Assine e economize 15%
    €121.50every week for 4 weeks
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