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In the summer heat

In the summer heat

The bouquet in the photo corresponds to the Trésor size.

(Only by order 24 hours in advance)


Bouquet sizes:

TRESOR: About 10/15 feet of flowers and greens and 20/25 cm in diameter approx.

PLATINE: About 15/20 feet of flowers and greens and 30 cm in diameter approx.

SUPRÊME: About 20/30 feet of flowers and greens and 35/40 cm in diameter approx.

DELUXE: About 35/40 feet of flowers and greens and 50/55 cm in diameter approx.


Depending on the seasonality, the flowers and foliage can change, always maintaining the same or similar palette.


We already deliver to:

Lisbon, Amadora and Odivelas: €6.50

Oeiras: €11.50

Blondes: €14.50

Cascais: €16.50

Sintra: €17.50

V. Franca de Xira: €18.50


On the south bank at:

Soul: €11.50

Barreiro: €15.50

Seixal: €16.50

Sesimbra: €18.50

Bush: €19.50

Saddlebag: €20.50

Setúbal: €26.50

Palmela: €26.50

Montijo: €31.50


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