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Did you know that the Oasis sponge, widely used from the 1970s onwards, is highly harmful to humans and the environment? It is made from a material with carcinogenic ingredients, which is neither recyclable nor reusable and degrades  into micro plastics that contaminate  the water supply system and aquatic life by hundreds of years. Our arrangements are made with sustainable and non-polluting techniques. When we use sponge, we use a completely organic and biodegradable balsamic rock material. We also resorted to the chicken coop technique that began to be used at the end of the 19th century and was predominant in the 20th century.

Mille Fleurs Atelier Florista undertakes to make your wedding decoration a celebration of life and nature, taking great care not only in the execution but also in the dismantling of all the material, recovering what is to be recovered and donating the arrangements that will survive beyond your magical day at Hospital São José so that your patients and professionals can have a glimpse of beauty, thanks to you.

The ceremony arch created by Mille Fleurs Atelier Florista was exclusively designed to make your wedding unique.


The Mille Fleurs Atelier Florista bouquets are designed with the best quality flowers and we suggest the best trends and proposals for you to be a special bride as she should be.

In 2023 we follow the trend of small bouquets, preferably wired so that the bouquet is preserved forever, drying in the best conditions.

The centerpieces and centerpieces will be made with 100% sustainable techniques, giving your guests a sustainable beauty that will then go to Hospital São José so that they can continue to exercise the power of nature.

We do these works:

Bridal bouquet




Best men

Other Boutonnieres

Mothers of the bride and groom

Other Corsages

Altar Decoration

Isle decoration

Flowers for the cake

Flowers buffet tables

Groom's Table

Centerpiece centerpieces

Bouquet to throw

Attendance book table ​

Gifts table

Centro de mesa
Arco de flores


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