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The mission of Mille Fleurs Atelier Florista is sustainable beauty.


We are part of the Sustainable Floristry movement (#sustainablefloristry). Whenever possible, we reuse and recycle the plastic that arrives at the store and minimize its passage to the customer. We do not use the Oasis green sponge, made from a material with carcinogenic ingredients, which is neither recyclable nor reusable and degrades  into micro plastics that contaminate  the water supply system water and aquatic life for hundreds of years. Our arrangements are made with sustainable and non-polluting techniques. When we use sponge, we use a completely organic and biodegradable balsamic rock material. We also resorted to the chicken wire technique that began to be used at the end of the 19th century and was predominant in the 20th century.


The quality of our flowers is our commitment because we want the customer to enjoy their arrangement as long as possible. Preferably we use national and seasonal flowers, if possible organic.

The store also has an area dedicated to contemporary Portuguese handicrafts in the perspective of economic, social and cultural sustainability, promoting the talent and techniques that our artisans have to offer us.

Arco de flores
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